17 Apps that Save You Money on Groceries

“Do You Have a Smartphone? These 17 apps will save you money on groceries starting TODAY!”

You will save money GUARANTEED! In fact, start saving TODAY! Anyone with an iPhone or Android phone can do this! If my daughter can do it, so can you!


Want to save money on your grocery bill starting today? Don’t have the time to clip coupons? No worries! We have some high-tech apps that will get the job done. The following 17 apps will help you save money and time at the grocery store. And best of all…they are all FREE to download. Wow! Not only will you begin to make better shopping decisions, but the savings just keep adding up. Your grocery bill be cut in half!

Ibotta Savings App

1. IBOTTA – Cash Not Coupons! Shop, submit your receipt & get cash back FAST!

1. IBOTTA – Cash Not Coupons App

Ibotta is topping the charts in the Lifestyle category in the Apple App Store. It is #2 right below the Amazon app. And sitting higher on the charts above the Target Cartwheel & Groupon & Ebay apps. I see a bright future for this company! Ibotta’s founder and CEO, Bryan Leach, recently announced that the company raised $39 million dollars. What does that mean for consumers? More money in your pocket! Ibotta has teamed up with hundreds of brands so far. And they have huge plans for the future.

How does the Ibotta app work? It really is very simple. You unlock offers for various types of groceries including milk, bread, eggs and brand named products. Find rebates from your favorite brands such as Glade, Pepperidge Farm, Gatorade, Clorox, Huggies and more. After you unlock offers they are added to your shopping list automatically in the app. Now it is time to go shopping! Go to the store and buy the items you want and DO NOT forget your receipt! You will need it. OH, and you can also use coupons TOO! Once you get home from shopping, submit your receipt. That’s it! After you submit your receipt Ibotta will review it and approve it within 24 hours. Money will be added to your account and you can request to be paid when your account balance is at least $10.


Join IBOTTA today – Get $10 for FREE!!

Ibotta currently has an amazing promo they are running. Signup and start submitting your receipts and they will give you $10 FREE! In order to earn that $10, you simply need to redeem 10 rebates worth at least $0.25 within 30 days of joining. You can complete that in a DAY! And that’s not all. If you join using this link you can get an extra $1 by redeeming ONE rebate. Plus, you will be on MY TEAM and that will help you reach your $2 Level 1 Teamwork Bonus. Being on a team has PERKS (free money)!

I have personally earned over $700 in cash back from Ibotta. How easy can it get?!? I mean come on. Go shopping, submit your receipt, get money. Anyone can do it!

>>> Download IBOTTA <<<

apps like ibotta

APPS LIKE IBOTTA – Snap by Groupon, Checkout 51, Shopmium, etc…

There are 8 apps that are similar to Ibotta. So I feel the need to list them next. You can submit the same receipt you submitted to Ibotta to each of these apps and earn cash back. What you cannot do is submit the same receipt to the same app and try to get double credit on a duplicate receipt. They will ban you. Just saying!

checkout51 grocery app

2. Checkout 51 – New Offers Every Thursday Morning!

2. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 helps you save money on top brands. Every Thursday morning you can login to the app to see an update with a new list of offers. Many times the app will have the EXACT same offers as some of the other apps. Plus they have a weekly “pick your own” offer where you pick a fruit or veggie to earn $0.25 cash back. I buy fruits and veggies every week, so this one is easy to get. They do offer bonuses as well. They send you a check via postal mail when your account balance is $20. I have been paid by them several times. It’s a nice surprise getting a check for $20 in the mail randomly. Every bit helps.

>>> Download Checkout 51 <<<

Savingstar Grocery App

3. Saving Star – Healthy Offer of the Week & FREEBIES!

3. Saving Star

What makes SavingStar stand out from the rest of the cash back grocery apps is their 20% savings on fruits and veggies with their Healthy Offer of the Week. Again it’s super simple to earn that one. Who doesn’t buy fruits and veggies? Plus they offer FREEBIES! Yes, they will reimburse you 100% of the price you pay on the freebie they choose to offer. You can request a payment when your account balance is $5.

>>> Download Saving Star <<<

shrink the grocery app

4. Shrink the App – Discover Awesome Brands!

4. Shrink the App

I absolutely LOVE Shrink. They do not have as many rebates as Ibotta, but often times they offer the exact same rebates. Love it! Plus, by completing some tasks you can get TONS of freebies! As I write this there are at least 4 freebies you can score by completing tasks. Shrink is a little different in that there are rewards from brands who offer their own loyalty perks. Get access to the loyalty programs and start earning discounts, freebies and cash bonuses! Redeeming is easy as pie too. Simply scan the barcode of each item you purchased. Shrink is smart enough to add all your eligible offers automatically. Then snap a photo of your receipt and wait for payment. Once you hit $10 balance you can request to be paid!

To unlock each brand use the code FJFTBR to get a bonus!

>>> Download Shrink the App <<<

shopmium grocery app

5. Shopmium – Get a FREE Lindt Chocolate Bar!

5. Shopmium

What makes Shopmium different is that there is no minimum. You do not even need to request a payment. After you submit your receipt, they will automatically send you money once they process your receipt. Plus, sometimes they will allow you to submit up to 10 – 20 of the same rebate. As an example there is currently a rebate for $1 cash back on Farm Rich Smokehouse. In the fine print it states that the offer is limited to ten (10) items per customer. A separate rebate request must be made for every eligible item to get credit.

Shopmium is currently running a promo! Enter the code YEMCFCVA to receive an offer for a FREE Lindt Chocolate bar.

>>> Download Shopmium <<<

snap by groupon grocery app

6. Snap by Groupon – Shop anywhere and get cash back!

6. Snap by Groupon

Yes, this app is from the popular shopping platform, Groupon. Shop anywhere that carries the brands listed in the app, submit your receipt and get cash back. It’s as simple as that. You can request a payment from Snap by Groupon when your account balance is at least $20.

>>> Download Snap by Groupon <<<

berrycart grocery app

7. Berrycart – Eat heathy, get paid! Organic, Gluten-free, Vegan, etc.

7. Berrycart

Berrycart is the healthier option out of all of the apps. While most do offer healthy options, Berrycart is all about HEALTH! The app offers on items that are Gluten-free, Organic, Non-GMO and more. Get paid to eat healthy!! You can request a payment when your account balance is at least $5.

>>> Download Berrycart <<<

mobisave grocery app

8. Mobisave – Get paid in hours, no minimum!

8. Mobisave

Mobisave is rather new to the game, but they are certainly stepping it up! You can shop anywhere in the US at any store that provides an itemized receipt. Plus, get paid FAST! Never wait more than 24 hours to collect your savings. And no minimum amount is requires to get paid. Nice! Saving money on groceries has never been easier.

Note: there might be a waiting list to join this app. It only took a week for me to get accepted. There are tons of great offers available on this app, so the wait is worth it.

>>> Download Mobisave <<<

jingit grocery app

9. Jingit – Get paid to grocery shop, watch videos, take surveys and more!

9. Jingit

Jingit is similar to the 8 previous cash back grocery apps. However they differ in that they allow you to earn some extra cash for watching videos, taking surveys and checking in at your favorite stores.

>>Download Jingit <<<

find and save grocery app

10. Find&Save – Submit your receipt, get paid!

10. Find&Save

Find&Save is a different kind of cash back grocery app. Instead of browsing offers and unlocking them, you simply get cash back on your entire receipt. The app offers either a dollar amount or a percentage of cash back that you will receive. For example you can receive up to 2% cash back on $50+ spent at Aldi. Or you can earn $0.50 cash back on $3+ spent at Family Dollar. You can also submit the same receipt you submitted to the previous cash back grocery apps. What I love about Find&Save is that they provide weekly circulars for your favorite stores. So you can do some easy coupon matchups. It goes hand in hand with every app listed on this page. It’s a must have!

receipthog grocery app

11. Receipt Hog – Win in the Hog Slots game!

11. ReceiptHog

ReceiptHog is a fun little app that will provide a little extra savings. You simply submit your grocery receipts and earn points. Once you collect 1000 points you can request a cash payment or a gift card. You submit your receipts to rebate apps anyways, right? It takes 3 seconds to snap a pic of your receipt. It’s a fun and rewarding way to save a little extra cash from your weekly purchases. Plus, you can earn more with surveys and the hog slots! Yes, it’s like a slots game you find at the casino. I have won a TON of free points!! And I have been paid multiple times.

receiptpal grocery app

12. ReceiptPal – the friend that pays you back!

12. ReceiptPal

ReceiptPal lets you earn great rewards just for snapping a pic of your receipts. Again, if you’re already submitting receipts to other apps, why not submit your receipt to this app too! You get a chance to win points in weekly sweepstakes. You are entered automatically every time you submit a receipt. Fun!

13. Target Cartwheel

This is the Target stores official app. Target updates the app weekly with new offers. Simply download to your phone and start saving right away. You can find offers such as 50% off or $1 off an item. It’s basically digital coupons. But you can use printable and manufacturer coupons also.

Find Target Cartwheel in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

14. Walmart Savings Catcher

This is the Walmart stores official app. Click on Savings Catcher in the app and submit your receipts. Walmart will check local competitor ads to see if anything on your receipt is a better price at another store. If the app finds a lower price you will be paid the difference. It’s mere pennies usually, but it does add up.

Find Walmart Savings Catcher in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

15. Coupons.com

Download the app to your phone and connect it to a printer. You will be able to print coupons that will save you even more money at the grocery store.

Find Coupons.com in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

16. Favado

Favado provides weekly circular ads for your favorite local stores. Plus, they find coupons that match sale prices. And they show which grocery rebate apps match a sale and coupon too! This app is not only will save you money, but time too! It does the work for you.

Find Favado in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

17. Shopkick

Shopkick is a fun extra app I decided to toss in. It doesn’t save you money of purchases, but you can earn gift cards that can be used towards your purchase. So it still saves you money! To earn points that can be cashed in for gift cards, you simply check-in at your favorite stores and you scan product bar codes of brand name products that they list in the app. I have cashed out and received gift cards several times with no problems. Love this app!

>>Download Shopkick <<<

There you have it! These are the 17 apps that will help you save money on groceries. While there are more apps that will save you money, these are my favorites. If you are just starting out I would download Ibotta and Coupons.com apps first. To download all of them at once might be a little overwhelming. Many of you might already have the Target and Walmart apps. So, that’s a plus!

Keep in mind that you CAN use printable and manufacturer coupons alongside these apps. If coupons are not allowed with certain offers, it will be stated in the app. Using cash back apps, coupons and store apps will save you a TON at the grocery store. I have saved well over $1000 in the last year using these apps! I hope this helps you to save a TON too! Enjoy!!

Update: Looks like there is another cash back app called Yaarlo. I have not joined just yet, but I will definitely look into it. Looks like Yaarlo does accept grocery receipts. You earn 0.25% cash back in points on each receipt. Sounds like a small amount, but if you are submitting receipts to other companies anyways, it might be worth it to join. You can earn from your gas station, restaurant & fast food receipts too.

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