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Ibotta App - Better than Coupons

Ibotta is the BEST rebate app! You can get cash back on groceries after you shop in-store, pay at checkout and snap a pic of your receipt. OR you can earn cash back for shopping online, like Ebates!

HOT DEAL - $10 Welcome BONUS - submit only 1 receipt and earn $10 in FREE Cash!!

Download the Ibotta App: IBOTTA APP

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*Use code Y2GBD for a $2.00 BONUS

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5. Shopkick
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7. Coupons.com App
*You can print coupons instead if you prefer.

8. Walmart Savings Catcher

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Earn Cash Back with Credit Card/Debit Card at Checkout

1. Drop App - cash back at Walmart, Whole Foods, Walgreens, Costco + more

2. Dosh App - 2% cash back at Sam's Club

3. Spent Money - Walgreens or Whole Foods

Saturday, October 25, 2014

What is Ibotta and How do I Earn Cash Back?

Do you go to the grocery store every week? Do you buy groceries for your family? I'm guessing the answer is yes. Who doesn't shop for food? Well, you can earn money for purchasing products you would already normally buy. Ibotta pays users REAL cash to your Paypal account for buying brand name food items from your favorite grocery stores. Simply choose the products you are interested in, go shopping and submit your receipt to Ibotta through the app either on your Android or iOS smartphone.

The best thing about Ibotta is that you can totally cheat by using manufacturer coupons that you print online or clip from inserts. Plus, you can also use digital coupons on your store loyalty cards. And if you use other grocery cash back apps like Ibotta you can end up with some completely FREE food.

How Does Ibotta Work?

1. Choose products you like
2. Go to the store and buy the products on your list
3. Scan each product using the app to see if it qualifies for a rebate
4. Snap a pic of your receipt and send to Ibotta through the app
5. Wait to get your earnings. Usually less than 24 hours.

To get the most bang for your buck, be sure to check Favado for which store has the best prices on the products you plan to buy. The app will also tell you what coupons to use per item and how to find the coupons. So, with sales, coupons and rebates you should be able to score some great deals!

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Right now there are 7 smartphone apps that will pay you “cash back” to grocery shop. You can either request a gift card or a cash payment to Paypal. Ibotta, Checkout 51, Saving Star, Fetch Rewards, Mobisave, bevRage and Berrycart. With these apps NO coupons are needed. However, you can combine printable or newspaper coupons with most of the offers available in each app to save even more money. Coupons are allowed unless otherwise stated.

Don’t forget!! You can ALSO submit your receipts to Find&Save, ReceiptHog, Yaarlo, Snapstar, Walmart Savings Catcher and ReceiptPal for MORE savings! You can rack up points on each to score free Amazon gift cards or Paypal cash using these receipt apps. They do not give “cash back”, but anything helps when it comes to lowering your grocery bills, right?

If you want to earn more free gift cards to pay for your groceries, try Shopkick and Check Points. They do not give you cash back on groceries, though. These two apps are different. You do NOT submit your receipts. You DO use each app to earn points that can be used to exchange for gift cards. Shopkick offers a few ways to earn kicks (points) such as simply walking into your favorite stores with the app open and scanning product barcodes. Check Points is similar, but this app offers other ways to earn points such as watching videos and playing games.