8 Rebate Apps that Pay You to Grocery Shop

8 rebate apps that pay you to grocery shop


The grocery store is like my second home. Well, it feels like that anyways. I am constantly pushing a cart up & down the aisles looking for deals. And I always have stacks of clipped and printable coupons in hand. Food goes super fast in our household. And it’s no wonder…we have hungry teenagers that eat like pigs! How can they eat that much? Seriously! Any deal I find that can help me save money on groceries is like gold. That is where rebate apps save the day!

Grocery rebate apps have saved me a ton of money over the last year. It started with Ibotta and Checkout 51. These two apps alone helped me lower my grocery bill a lot. Then I found similar rebate apps like them on my iPhone and I save even more. These apps actually pay you, yes that’s correct they pay you real cash, to buy groceries. See my payment proofs here. To earn cash simply download each app to your smartphone, iPhone or Android. Then you go to the store and buy items listed in the app, pay for them at the cash register, upload your receipt through the app and wait to get paid. It’s so simple. Plus, you don’t need to clip or print coupons any more. However, if you want to use coupons you can. All of the rebate apps allow you to use coupons.

8 Grocery Rebate Apps that Pay You via Paypal or Gift Card

1. Ibotta – Better than Coupons
Ibotta app new member bonus $10 join
Payment: Paypal or Venmo
You can request payment when your balance is at least $20. And guess what?!? You get $10 FREE when you join and submit just ONE rebate. There is also an option to redeem for gift cards such as Amazon.com, Starbucks and more.
How it works:
1. Unlock offers by clicking the “+” sign. The item will be added to your shopping list.
2. Go to the store and purchase the products you unlocked in the app. Be sure to grab your receipt.
3. Use the app to take a pic of your receipt and send it to Ibotta.
4. Wait for them to process your receipt. They will add cash to your account.
Earn real cash bonuses: There are a few ways to earn extra money through the Ibotta app. That’s what makes this app fun! You can earn by referring friends & family, buying multiple brand name products and building a team through Facebook.
Mobile shopping: Do you prefer to shop using apps? You can earn cash back by shopping through your favorite apps such as Amazon, Boxed, Jet and more.
Any brand rebates: This is one of my favorite things about this app. You can buy “any brand” rebates such as limes, peaches, baking soda and more.

2. Checkout 51
checkout 51 app
Payment: Request a check when your account balance reaches $20
How it works: View rebates in the app, purchase the products you like at any store, take a pic of your receipt through the app and submit the receipt to Checkout 51. Money will be added to your account balance. New items are added on Thursdays.
Any brand rebates: Checkout 51 has any brand rebates like Ibotta, but you must unlock these rebates. it’s easy to unlock them. Simply ear $2 in regular rebates in the app!

3. Fetch Rewardscode Y2GBD
fetch rewards receipt app
Payment: Gift Cards (see Grocery Apps that Pay in Gift Cards)
How it works: Shop at any grocery store you want to. Submit your receipt and earn 50 points. If you buy select items featured in the app you will earn extra points. example: Buy 1 Kraft parmesan cheese & earn 750 points ($0.75) when you submit your receipt.
Signup bonus: Use the code Y2GBD and you’ll get 1,500 Fetch points ($1.50).

4. Shopkick
Shopkick earn rewards at stores
Payment: Gift cards (see Earn Gift Cards to Grocery Shop)
How it works: Purchase select items at specific stores and earn cash back in the form of points (kicks).
Walk-in to stores: You can earn 25 points to walk into stores with the app open and your bluetooth enabled. How easy is that?? You could walk in, get your free points and leave if you wanted to!!
Scan barcodes: Earn 10 – 150 points per product barcode you scan in-store.
Mobile shopping: If you like to do your shopping via apps instead of going to a physical store you can earn cash back with apps such as Groupon and Ebay.
Signup bonus: Get 250 points (kicks) when you join and use the code DEAL878433.
Extra Points: Learn more ways to earn with Shopkick: How to earn Kicks on Shopkick

5. Berrycart
berrycart rebate app
Payment: Paypal or Gift Card
You need a minimum of $5 to cashout
How it works: Berrycart is the healthy option as far as rebate apps go. They offer rebates that are non-gmo, gluten free, organic and vegan. Just unlock each offer by doing simple tasks, buy the rebate offers you chose and submit your receipt.

6. Saving Star
savingstar grocery app
Payment: Paypal
You need a minimum of $5 to cashout
How it works: Buy the items you like listed in the app and submit your receipt. I love that Saving Star has Freebie Fridays! You get something for free every Friday. It’s usually candy, gum or something like that. But sometimes you get a real goody! I also like that they offer 20% off healthy foods like bananas.

7. bevRAGE
bevrage rebate app
Payment: Paypal
How it works: This app is for alcohol rebates. If you purchase beer, wine or liquor then this app may be for you.

8. Mobisave
mobisave grocery rebate app
Payment: Paypal
How it works: Mobisave is under reconstruction at the moment. They may have teamed up with Fetch Rewards. We are unsure at the moment. They had teamed up with AllRecipes, but that seems to be over now.

Save at Checkout OR Get Cash Back

1. Coupons.com App
coupons.com cash back
Payment: Paypal (no minimum)
How it works: Coupons.com is not really a “rebate app”. It’s slightly different. You can print coupons OR link your store loyalty card OR submit your receipt for cash back. You cannot do ALL 3. So, if you decide to print coupons, then you cannot submit a receipt for cash back.

2. Hopster Rebates App

hopster rebates app
Payment: Paypal (no minimum)
How it works: You can either go to the Hopster website and print coupons to use in-store. Or you can download the app and submit receipts for cash back. You can also email your receipts to Hopster.

Earn Cash Back with Your Debit Card

Drop App
Payment: Gift Cards (see Grocery Apps that Pay You in Gift Cards)
How it works: This is NOT a rebate app. However, it can be used with your current grocery rebate apps. Drop works a little different. Instead of submitting your receipts, you simply swipe your debit card at checkout and earn points automatically (points show up in 1 – 2 days after swiping your debit card). You can use the points to get gift cards.
Signup bonus: Earn 1000 points with the code 9ra3r

Submit Grocery Receipts to Earn Gift Cards

1. ReceiptPal
Payment: Gift Cards
How it works: Submit up to 20 receipts each week. You will receive 100 points for every 4 receipts you submit. Rewards start at only 400 points. Super easy to earn!!

2. ReceiptHog
Payment: Paypal
How it works: You earn coins from your receipts. The amount of coins you will receive depends on how much your receipt total is. If you submit a receipt where you paid more than $100, you’ll get 20 coins. If you submit a receipt where you paid less than $10 you’ll receive 5 coins.

3. Find&Save
Payment: Paypal
How it works: This is more of a “submit receipt” app than a rebate app. But it could be considered both, I guess. With Find & Save you spend a minimum amount on your total shopping bill and get cash back. You will either get a specific percentage back or a dollar amount back. Example: Spend $12 at Rite Aid, get 1% cash back. It really doesn’t matter what you purchase …that’s why I’m not calling it a rebate app.

Save money on groceries without coupons using all of these apps!! Each rebate app is a little different in how they work. Some have bonuses or loyalty perks. Others are simple in that you buy products, submit receipt and get paid. I use all 8 rebate apps, the 3 receipt apps, the Drop app and coupons to save a ton at the grocery store each week. How else would I be able to feed my hungry teenagers?

Oh, and don’t forget about Walmart Savings Catcher. You can find it within the Walmart app. Sometimes you get cash back if a nearby store has a lower price than Walmart does. I have gotten cash back a few times. Every little bit helps!

Know of any cash back grocery apps that I do not have listed? Do you have any other grocery apps that save you money in a different way? Please leave a comment or feedback below. If you have a question about any of the sites listed, please feel free to ask.

Rebate apps that are no longer available: Snap by Groupon, Shrink, Jingit, Snapstar, Shopmium

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