Fetch Rewards – Best Cash Back Grocery Receipt App?

Fetch Rewards is an app for iPhone and Android. It is similar to Ibotta and other grocery rebate apps that pay you cash back when you submit your grocery receipts. You simply go shopping at your local grocery store (any store you like), save your receipt and upload the itemized receipt through the app. Fetch Rewards will then check what items you purchased and credit your account with points based on what you bought.

Is this app better than Ibotta? Well, I must say that they both have their own unique perks. However, Fetch Rewards is much easier to use, in my opinion. Unlike Ibotta, you do not have to unlock products. So, no worries about forgetting an item after your receipt is submitted. And you can shop at any store. Ibotta does not include many small “hometown” stores. Plus, the process is super simple! Snap a pic of your receipt and that’s it! Your receipt will be processed within 24 hours. You just sit back and wait. So easy, right?

Fetch Rewards App РHow  to Earn Cash Back

You can earn points when you purchase items that are from participating brands such as Kraft, Axe, Dove, Quaker, Ore Ida, Frito Lay, Lipton and more. You earn earn base points and sometimes you earn bonus points. Special offer bonuses are displayed as soon as you open the Fetch Rewards App. You will earn points on top of your base points (earned for buying a participating brand). There are percentage back offers and and set amount cash back offers.

fetch rewards receipt bonus earnings

In the image above you can see that I spent less than $30 on that grocery trip and I earned almost 1000 points which earns you close to $1 cash back in points. That is a little over 3% of my cash back. I think that is pretty good!

Now, keep in mind that NOT all of your grocery receipts will earn you this many points. It all depends on what you buy! As you can see, I earned a receipt scan bonus, base points and bonus points. If you do not purchase a participating brand at all on a trip, you might earn 0 points. But you could earn a TON of points if most of the items you buy are from a participating brand. For example, right now the Fetch Rewards app is offering 750 bonus points when you purchase a tub of Athenos Feta Cheese. 750 points has a value of $0.75 cash back. Plus, you will receive your base points. Base points add up!

Fetch Rewards bonus points offer

Fetch Rewards App – Redeeming Points

Paypal is NOT an option to cashout. However, there are many gift card options available for redeeming your points. Everything from Virtual Visa Cards to Walmart gift cards. You can redeem with as little as 3,000 points which is equal to $3.

Sign Up Bonus: If you join with a referral link, you get 1,500 points for FREE! That is equal to $1.50. That is half of the points you need to redeem your first gift card. Use the referral code below and we will both receive 1,500 points.

Visit: FetchRewards.com
Referral code: Y2GBD

Did you join? Feel free to leave your referral code in the comments section below. You will earn 1,500 points for each friend that joins using your code and submits their first receipt.

Looking for more apps to earn gift cards for your receipts? Check out this HUGE list: 15 Grocery Apps that Pay You in Gift Cards to Shop. Remember, you can earn cash back from multiple apps! If you shop at Walmart, don’t forget Savings Catcher. Also, if you use your debit card at checkout, don’t forget to signup for DROP! And lets not forget about ReceiptHog and ReceiptPal! So many ways to earn cash back!!

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