Receipt Hog Hack, Cheat for More Coins

Receipt Hog is a IOS and Android app that rewards users for submitting grocery receipts. How they make money, no clue. But they do let you cash out through Paypal once you reach $5. These hacks, cheats and tips will help you cash out faster.

It can take forever to earn 1000 coins (equals a $5 Paypal payment). They allow you to submit a max of 20 receipts per week. Each receipt is worth 5 – 20 coins. Depending on your budget you will earn 100 to 175 coins per week. On top of that you can earn bonus coins on the hog slots game.

Check out these strategies to see how much you will earn based on your weekly budget. Then learn more about the hog slots game and going “hog wild” for more coins.


1. Big Spender Strategy – Submit 5 receipts totaling over $100. That will earn you 100 coins. Then submit 15 more receipts for 5 coins each which earns you 75 more coins.
TOTAL = 175 coins per week
($500+ spent at store per week)

2. Average Spender Strategy – Submit 6 receipts totaling $50+ each and 1 totaling $10+ to earn 100 coins. Then submit 13 more receipts for 5 coins each to earn 65 more coins.
TOTAL = 165 coins per week
($300+ spent at store per week)

3. Light Spender Strategy – Submit 10 receipts totaling $10+ each to earn 100 coins. Then submit 10 more receipts for 5 coins each which earns you 50 more coins.
TOTAL = 150 coins per week
($100+ spent at store per week)

4. Cheap Spender Strategy – Submit 20 receipts totaling $1 – $9 and earn 100 coins.
TOTAL = 100 coins per week
($20+ spent at store per week)

There is a strategy for every budget. I typically fall under the cheap/light spender strategy.

More Hacks/Cheats/Tips:

Go Hog Wild – After 5 weeks of submitting receipts you go hog wild. For every receipt you submit during hog wild status earns you a spin on the slots machine game. I have won anywhere from 5 – 45 coins on the slots game. Some people win more. Submit a receipt every 7 days to maintain the hog wild status.

Referral Link – Earn free spins on the hog slots game when you invite friends via Facebook, email or smart phone contacts. Earn up to 200 spins. Just post your referral link every where. Your friends earn free spins too!

I try to submit all my bigger receipts at the beginning of the week. Save the smaller ones for the end of the week. I also maintain my “hog wild” status each week. On average I end up with about 200 coins per week. So it takes me about 5 weeks to earn a $5 payment just for submitting receipts.

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