Save Money on Groceries without Coupons

how to save money on groceries without coupons

Can you really save money on groceries without printing coupons? Yes! You can. Paper coupons will soon be a thing of the past. The world we live in today is made up of technology that is way more advanced than it was 10 years ago. If you want to know which store has the best sales, there’s an app for that. Need to make a grocery list without writing it on paper? There’s an app for that. Want to scan coupons on your phone…yes, there is an app for that too. Oh and did you know there is an app that allows you to purchase your groceries without even getting in line at the grocery store? It’s true. Skip the checkout and head right for your vehicle with groceries already paid for. And while it’s in sort of a beta stage, just think…what will the future look like? Geez.

How to Save Money on Groceries without Coupons

It’s true. You can save money on groceries without coupons. I use ten apps that pay me cash back to grocery shop. Who knew you could get cash back for buying everyday purchases such as milk, eggs, bread, cereal, bananas, baby formula and all kinds of other products? I surely didn’t have any idea such a thing existed until recently. Now, I am completely addicted. I use cash back grocery apps every time I visit any store. No coupons are needed! Ever! it’s your choice to use coupons if you want to. Some people have a coupon addiction and will never give them up.

Many people do not know about cash back grocery apps right now, but they will! In fact, the future is so bright for these companies that provide the rebate offers. Did you know that in the near future some of these savings apps will know where you are in the store? Based on your location, you may get a cash back offer that you cannot refuse. Let’s say you are in the cookie/crackers aisle and you are eye-balling the Oreos. Yum! Now, let’s say you are thinking about buying them, but you refuse to buy because you do not have a coupon and they are not on sale. Well, if a discount offer popped up on your phone to save $1 on Oreo cookies would that influence your decision to purchase them or not? Mhm, that’s what I thought. It would totally influence your decision.

While no coupons are needed at all, people are still using printable or newspaper clipped coupons, plus  the rebate apps to save money at the grocery store. The combination of using both will save you so much money that you will be shocked! While in-store you hand the cashier your coupon to scan.  That will save you money instantly. When you get home, you open your cash back rebate app, scan the product bar codes of the items you purchased and snap a pic of your receipt (using the apps built-in camera capture) that details your purchase. Then you sit back and wait to get your cash.

Each app has different types of cash back offers available. Plus, some offer cash bonuses while others offer loyalty perks. And most offer you cash to refer your friends and family. My suggestion is to download all of them and decide which ones will save you the most money. I have saved the most money with Ibotta so far, earning $300+ cash back to date.

1. Ibotta – Cash Back Grocery App

If you have not downloaded this app, now is the time to. You can use Ibotta at major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Dollar General, Meijer, CVS, Walgreens and more. Simply open up the app while you are at the store and browse the cash back offers available. Or browse the offers before you go and print out your list. Then head to the store and buy those items. When you get home snap a pic of your receipt and send the receipt to Ibotta. Ibotta typically takes less than 24 hours to process your receipt. Once the receipt is processed cash is added to your account. You can request a payment to your Paypal account when you have earned at least $10. You can also choose to redeem your earnings to a gift card of your choice.

Ibotta sure has made a mark on the App Store.  The app made it on the “top charts” and is currently #29 in the Lifestyle category. I think it’s kinda funny that the Target app is #30. Wow, now that is a big deal. Congrats to IBOTTA! And that only means great things for us shoppers. The more popular Ibotta becomes, the more cash back we get. The app is still fairly new. Many brands and retailers are just leaning about the app.

Want to learn more about the cash back grocery app, Ibotta? Learn about cash bonuses from brands, teamwork cash bonuses and more. View the article: What is Ibotta?

Ready to join now? Click here to join Ibotta and start earning cash back today!
Ibotta app free cash bonus to join

2. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is similar to Ibotta. However, you can shop at any store. As long as your receipt clearly displays the items you purchased, how much it cost, the date and the name of the retailer you are golden. A lot of people shop at Dollar Tree( everything is $1 or less) and get cash back from Checkout 51. In order to get paid from this company you will need to earn at least $20. Once you have earned $20 you can request a payment. They will send you a check via postal mail.

I like the pick your own offer deal that Checkout 51 has each week. They offer $0.25 cash back on items such as grapes, bananas, garlic and cucumbers. You get to pick one. Offers are updated every Thursday. We provide a sneak peak every Wednesday.

Ready to join Checkout 51? Click here to join.
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3. Saving Star

Saving Star has lots of cash back offers that the other apps do not. I have had cash back offers for things my kids love like Pop Secret popcorn, Spaghettios, Totinos pizza rolls, Pillsbury cookie dough, fruit snacks, cereal and more. You can request a payment when you have earned as little as $5. It doesn’t take long at all to earn that much. They send your payment via Paypal.

What I love most about Saving Star is Freebie Fridays! You will get something for free every week. Plus, you will get an offer for 20% off a healthy item each week also. This week I was offered 20% off bananas.

Ready to join Saving Star? Click here to join.
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4. Shopmium Shopping App

Shopmium pays you cash back per item you purchase. You can also earn $2 for referring friends and family. There is no minimum amount to get paid. Let’s say you have a $1 cash back offer on People magazine. Well, once they approve your receipt submission that $1 will be sent to your Paypal account. Shopmium taks a couple days to process receipts. While it’s not an instant payment, I have never had a problem getting paid.

Ready to join Shopmium? Click here and use code YEMCFCVA to get a FREE Lindt Chocolate Bar.
shopmium cash back app

5. Berrycart – Organic Cash Back Rebates

This app is more for the health conscious family or anyone who would like to purchase health food. Berrycart offers cash back on Non-GMO, soy-free, Vegan, organic, gluten-free and more. I like when they offer cash back on bananas and avocados because I buy of those items often. You can earn $2 for referring friends and family. The minimum needed to request payment is just $5. They will send you money via Paypal.

Ready to join Berrycart? Click here to join.
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6. Snap by Groupon

Groupon owns this app and I’m surprised more people do not know about it. It was originally called SnapSaves and was for Canadians only. Once Groupon purchased this business the name was changed to Snap by Groupon and is now available in the US. They release new offers on Wednesdays and the items that are quick to get snatched up are items like bananas and veggies. However, there are always tons of other offers to choose from. In order to get paid you must earn a minimum of $20 and they will mail you a check via postal mail. I have been paid by them and it took about 8 days to get it. I believe they mail it from Canada. Hey, it’s free money. No complaints here!

Ready to join Snap by Groupon? Click here to join.
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7. Shrink Cashback + Loyalty

Shrink doesn’t offer the typical offers that most of the other cash back sites do. But, they do offer random items such as milk, apples, chicken, candy and more. Plus, the offer loyalty perks for purchasing the same items more than once. This first time I was offered milk, they gave me $0.25 cash back. Now, as soon as my receipt is processed a new offer for milk appears. Except they offer me $0.30 instead. I buy a LOT of milk so this helps us out greatly. Same thing with apples. I buy apples nearly every visit to the supermarket. In order to get paid you must earn at least $20. They will send your payment via Paypal.

Ready to join Shrink? Click here to join.
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8. Jingit

It’s pretty easy to earn money with Jingit. You can watch videos that earn you $0.10 to $0.15+. You can scan some products at stores for $0.25. And you can purchase items for cash back. I love that they always have offers for milk, eggs, bread and more. You have to get them while you can. But they always reappear. You can request a payment to your bank account when your account has $5 in it. I earn that $5 every week. You can redeem your earnings to a gift card of your choice if you prefer. That is what I have done. I redeem my earnings for Walmart gift cards. Then use the gift cards to buy more stuff.

Ready to join Jingit? Click here to join.

9. Walmart Savings Catcher

Lots of people use this app already. If you have the Walmart app, update it and you will see the Savings Catcher when you open the app. Next time you go shopping at Walmart save your receipt. When you get home, open the Walmart app go to Savings Catcher and use your phone to scan the QR code on the receipt. Walmart will let you know within a week whether you have earned cash back. They compare prices with nearby grocery stores. If another store has a lower price, Walmart will pay you the difference.

10. Find n Save

Find&Save sends you offers based on your location. Whenever I’m driving past stores such as Target, CVS, Dollar General and Walmart I get a push notification from Find&Save letting me know that there is a cash back offer available. This cash back app is different from all the other ones listed in that they send you offers for cash back on the total amount you spent. For instance, recently I passed by CVS Pharmacy and was sent an offer for $10 cash back when you spend $10. Ding ding ding!! I went to CVS that day, spent the $10 and submitted my receipt. I was paid a few days later. So easy! I get offers all of the time. Currently I have offers for $25 cash back from Target, $20 cash back from Payless Shoesource and $25 cash back from Best Buy.

There you have it. We found lots of apps that help you save money on groceries without coupons. You can use coupons if you want to, though. I do. Be sure to checkout my coupon matchup sections of the site. I post lots of Ibotta matchups.

To help me out with coupon matchups I use the apps Favado and Flipp. They allow you to see all your local store sales. With Favado you can search for a product and see which store has the lowest price. Plus, they will let you know if there are any coupons that match the store sale. Love it!

Oh and lets not forget about the sites that give you points to scan your grocery receipts. ReceiptPal will send you a $1 Amazon gift card when you submit 14 receipts. It may sound like a lot. However, if you are going shopping anyways it adds up over time. ReceiptHog will send you $5 to your Paypal when you rack up 1000 points. The Hog Slots make the app fun. And while it takes a while to rack up 1000 points…again, you are going shopping anyways, right?

And lastly, I must mention the apps I use while I am at the grocery store. There are two apps I use to scan products in-store. Shopkick and Checkpoints. You get points for scanning products. Once you earn enough points you can redeem them for gift cards. I use the gift cards to buy groceries. Then get cash back on my groceries from apps like Ibotta. Then submit the receipts to apps like ReceiptHog. I got a successful system that works for me and saves me a ton of money on groceries.

Thank you for reading this article on how to save money on groceries without coupons. Please feel free to check out the rest of the site. You can find some great deals every day.

And for more tips on how to save money on groceries without coupons, please check out Jazmin Rode’s post over at Frugality Gal. She provides some great tips and tricks to save even more.

Do you use any of these apps listed on this page? How much money have you saved?

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