Shopkick App – Submit Grocery Receipts for Cash Back (In the Form of Gift Cards)

Did you know that you can submit your receipts to Shopkick and earn cashback in the form of points (kicks) that you can redeem for gift cards? Yes, it’s true! Purchase select products that are currently featured in the app and you will earn kicks (reward points).

This is just one of the many great features of the Shopkick app. I have been a member for well over a year and I just love the many ways you are able to earn kicks to redeem for gift cards. Plus, you can still submit your receipt to your favorite cash back grocery apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, Fetch Rewards, Receipthog, Receiptpal and Mobisave. And if you shop at Walmart, don’t forget about Savings Catcher!

There are four ways to earn kicks at stores you physically go to including walking into the store while the app is open, scanning product barcodes on select products, linking your credit card to accumulate points and submitting your receipt after purchasing select products.

Shopkick earn rewards at stores

Shopkick – How to earn kicks (points) in-store and online

  1. Submit itemized receipts
  2. Get kicks for walking into stores
  3. Scan barcodes in-store
  4. Watch videos
  5. Discover tab (hidden kicks)
  6. Online stores
  7. Link your credit/debit card (Visa/Mastercard)
  8. Invite friends to join with your referral link

shopkick submit receipt for kicks and rewards
1. Submit Itemized Receipts
When you shop in-store at select stores, be sure to check the Shopkick app before tossing your receipt in the trash. You might be able to earn reward points for buying select items after submitting your itemized receipt. Keep in mind that blurry, poor quality or unreadable receipts might be rejected.

You might be able to submit the same receipt to other apps like Ibotta and Checkout51. And you might be able to use coupons at checkout.

Shopkick add to shopping list

Before you even head to the store you can check the app to see what products are available for cash back offers and add the items you “plan” to purchase to your list. Just click the “+” button to add to your shopping list! That way you don’t miss out on kicks. I tend to forget that this feature is available on this app.

Shopkick walk in kicks for rewards
2. Get Kicks for Walking into Stores
Yes, it’s true! You can earn anywhere from 25 kicks up to 200 kicks (worth a $2 gift card) for walking into your favorite stores like Walmart, Kroger and Target. A bluetooth shopping beacon is conveniently placed in a location that will track your phone. But, here’s a valuable tip: make sure the Shopkick app is open while you are walking into the store or you will NOT earn any kicks. I’ve completely forgotten to open the app until I’m already in the store shopping. I mean, you could go back out and walk back in, but that’s up to you.

Shopkick scan barcodes for kicks

3. Scan Barcodes In-store (like a scavenger hunt)
Head to the store, open the app to get your walk-in kicks first (if applicable), then begin your scavenger hunting! If you bring the kids with you it becomes a fun game for them too! Let them scan and you get the kicks! No purchase is necessary. Cool, right?

How does it work? It’s simple! While the app is open, walk around the store and search for select products to scan. Then click the “scan barcode” button. If you decide to buy an item that you scan, double check the app to see if you can get more reward points for submitting your receipt.

Shopkick watch videos to earn rewards points

4. Watch Videos to Earn Free Kicks
Check the app daily to see if there are any videos available to watch. I seem to have at least one video available every other day or every few days. You can earn 5 kicks or 10 kicks per video you watch. And the videos are only a few seconds long. Does not take up much of your time at all. The videos are great because not only are you earning FREE kicks, but you might learn a thing or two about products at the same time.

Shopkick free hidden kicks on discover tab

5. Free Hidden Kicks (Discover tab)
Did you know that there are hidden kicks in the app? Gotta love it! Just click on the Discover tab at the bottom of the app (there is a book symbol hovering over it) and go through the many different store offers listed. Click on each offer and scroll through the products. Some offers will have 1 kick available at the very bottom after you have scrolled past all of the products. While 1 kick is not worth much, trust me they do add up!! And they are FREE! So why not, right?

shopkick earn kicks to visit online stores or shop

6. Online Stores – Visit, View, Shop
A new feature that is pretty awesome, I think, is the online stores feature. You can earn kicks three different ways. For starters, you can earn 3 kicks just for visiting an online retailer such as Groupon, Jet or Ebay, no purchase necessary. Plus, if you want to view product offers you can earn 3 more kicks per offer, no purchase necessary on views also. And lastly, if you decide you want to purchase from an online store, you can earn kicks for every dollar you spend. For instance, you will earn 10 kicks per $1 spend at Boxed Wholesale. That’s 100 kicks per $10 you spend! That’s a pretty awesome deal in my opinion.

Shopkick kicks for purchases in-store

7. Link Your Credit/Debit Cards
Here’s another way to get a few kicks here and there with a simple swipe of your credit or debit card at select stores. Just click on settings in the Shopkick app, then click on “Kicks for Purchases” and enter your credit card info. And that’s it. You will earn kicks on some of your purchases. Please note that if you are using a “debit card” you must choose “credit” at checkout in order to accumulate kicks reward points.

Linking your cards is free and secure. Also, please be aware that Visa and Mastercard are accepted at this time.

8. Referrals – Invite Your Friends for More Kicks

Earn 250 kicks per friend who completes their first in-store action such as walking into the store with the app open or by scanning a product barcode. You can refer up to 100 friends and earn up to 25,000 kicks.

Here is my referral code if you would like to use it to join: Join Shopkick

Feel free to add your referral code in the comments below.

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